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I am excited to share with you three amazing projects our company will be producing this upcoming 2021 year! Check out these projects wonderfully, and passionately created by team of amazing artists with a story to share!  Check it out and LEARN how you can be apart of this journey with us! 

Feature Documentary: Repran pouvwa mwen (Hidden Gem)

Mervin Primeaux -O'Bryant is known within the Deaf community as a man who has overcome tremendous barriers and broken many stereotypes about what it's like to be a Black, Deaf, and gay man. Now the time is come for the mainstream world to know be inspired by the story of this hidden gem.


Short - "Second Chances" by Nicole Morgan

Lauren, Deaf abuse survivor with a pimp for a mother and drug needles for siblings, finds herself in prison, she must learn to conquer her demons. Her coming-of-age journey is universal, and her desire to not be defined by her trauma is contagious. 

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Feature Film: "Reassurance" by Tai Pritchett

A newly engaged lawyer with trust issues has two weeks to help her cousin get married. As she reconnects with her ex and is faced with past trauma, both couples end up on a spiritual and emotional journey that could either make or break them but rest assured…

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