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I am a skilled professional with comprehensive experience as a creative producer and all-round filmmaker covering practical and technical skills in all aspects of video production including producing, directing, editing, visual FX, and cinematography. I have a degree in contemporary media practice with numerous screenings and awards.


I have worked on and completed numerous short films. One of my films received awards in film festivals Internationally and in the United States. 


I possess expertise in creative content for multiple platforms and deliverables in film, animations, commercials, trailers, documentaries, and live broadcasting. I am skilled in creative forms of video, such as abstract video-art, atmospheric short films, and videos for backdrops and exhibitions. I have worked on a number of music videos for upcoming artists in the music scene, ranging in a variety of music styles and themes. I am acknowledged for creating exciting and engaging content for corporate and social media which includes work on motion graphics, illustrations, and video marketing. 


I have the innate ability to conceptualise ideas, work closely and engage with clients, collaborate with a team, and deliver high-level content.

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